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Morocco, nurturing the soul: meetings among the…stars

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I have stopped believing in coincidence. Especially when you trip over meetings that seem to come from the stars, for the strength they give you and the vision that suggest you while you surf on sight and you’re looking for answers.

With Bernard it went like this. He taught me the power of “il fallait y croire” (You should have Faith to believe this dream comes true) immersing myself, with his words, in a dream that he was able to give life, moved by his tenacity but above all by the desire to feel good and make you feel good. Psycho-corporal psychotherapist in biodynamics and energy, used to touch the discomfort of those who, exhausted and bewildered by the pressures of everyday life, had lost their center, this little-big man has created a place where everybody can find the real identity and nurture soul cultivating silence, fusion with nature, connection and exchange of experiences.

This space of peace and recovery can only be called “Village of the stars” and it is in a place-no-place where contrasts and harmonizations are the rule: Essaouira, in Morocco. It is here that Bernard, his assistant Ryan and and his two labradors opened the doors of their garden of lanthanes and succulents in which there are six small dars in local stone. Conceived as a mandala, the maisonettes, each with two bedrooms and a private terrace, are reflected, even at a distance, in a natural swimming pool with profiles designed by hibiscus and bougainvillea, olive trees and pomegranates, lemons and rose bushes.

Water lilies and papyri sway in the water and suggest relaxation and well-being, while music therapy and phototherapy invite relaxation. Time and space lose their boundaries and be cradled is a rule, like reappraising the value of the flow of minutes understanding their true essence. The welcome becomes friendship, rest is transformed into rebirth, sympathy evolves into trust, the comparison with the faces of the world is the only law to get rich by forgetting the differences: in this little Eden I rediscovered the essence of life and I have found the basics.

A journey that goes beyond the journey and talks about new beginnings. Bernard was my guide in this itinerary of the spirit with his energetic treatments, while yoga sessions and argan healing treatments or hamman sessions have re-connected me with my body leaving the right flow to the energy. Listening to my inner voice and freeing urgency desires have become a rule. Today I know that when my stars seem to darken, there is a village where you can re-light them.

My Ideal Traveling

“I have often found myself with a goodbye to make, a suitcase to prepare, a radical change to deal with and a new dimension to find. Managing changes in work, life and prospects have led me to my most authentic metamorphosis: to make a profession of the travel experience.

I  wanted to offer a choice of wellbeing paths, itineraries as evolutionary routes, to relax, disconnect the mind, but above all to learn to eat properly, to get moving, and to feel the value and importance of being at one with nature. Traveling is not only advancing, or embarking on a journey, it’s also a way to reach one’s center and direct oneself towards the other, diversity. This is where our true inner wealth is born“.
Monica Bevacqua, My Ideal Traveling founder

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