enitfr +41 78 972 52 00 info@myidealtraveling.com
enitfr +41 78 972 52 00 info@myidealtraveling.com

Cleanse, detox & weight management

The rebirth of the spirit originates from the purity of the body. The return to life is shaped by the candour of our inner being. Wellbeing flows from the sharpness of thought. The ability to eliminate the toxins that poison the body and soul allows energy to be regained, recovering strength and vigour. The purification of the body is not only repair, but also the experience of vitality and a path to wellness, which is outlined by personalized programs in the signal of change. Changing one’s lifestyle, learning balanced nutrition, is the first step towards a process of detoxification with benefits that know no end. The weight of life rests on the heart and smothers the body rendering it weak, fragile, insecure and unhealthy. The revitalization of self-esteem blossoms from recovery of the physical form, the regeneration of self-love, the affirmation of ME. Abandoning a bulky shell allows opening up to the world with enthusiasm and vitality, the immersion in life, enjoying it fully. Specialized centres guide an itinerary of personal awareness: personal trainers and nutritionists support the search for a new lifestyle, in keeping with ones own needs, in which food and physical activity become functional elements of well-being.

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