enitfr +41 78 972 52 00 info@myidealtraveling.com
enitfr +41 78 972 52 00 info@myidealtraveling.com

My Ideal Traveling:
a new way of living a journey

Travelling to find yourself. To understand yourself. To regenerate. To have space for the need to encounter diversity, the ‘”other”. To experience a new dimension of a self who is called to leave its comfort zone and open itself to the world.


Can we travel? Where can we go? These are the questions we are most often asked these days. Will we be able to do our Ayurvedic treatments in the coming weeks? When can we go to India? Is Thailand open? Can we move freely in Europe?
It is impossible to give a generic answer, because it also depends on the Country of departure. We invite you to contact us for specific information.

Our most popular destinations, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka are now open to international travelers. To know the access rules, please send us a message on info@myidealtraveling.com. For the other countries we are constantly updating.