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enitfr +41 78 972 52 00 info@myidealtraveling.com

My Ideal Traveling:
a new way of living a journey

Travelling to find yourself. To understand yourself. To regenerate. To have space for the need to encounter diversity, the ‘”other”. To experience a new dimension of a self who is called to leave its comfort zone and open itself to the world.


Can we travel? Where can we go? These are the questions we are most often asked these days. Will we be able to do our Ayurvedic treatments in the next weeks? When will be able to travel to India? Is Thailand open? Can we move freely in Europe?
It is impossible to give a generic answer. Some destinations are open, others are still closed. The rules imposed by the Countries of departure change suddenly and sometimes those of the Countries of destination too, imposing PCR tests or quarantines.

We invite you to contact us for specific information.

However, here below some info:

Sri Lanka reopened its doors to international visitors on January 21. However, certain guidelines should be followed:
– entry into the country is allowed to all those who have a Covid-19 test with a negative result (it should not exceed 96 hours)
– visa required to be obtained online
– prepayment of two PCR tests per person, 40 USD per test / per person (if stay exceeds 7 days, an additional test is required) – tests will be performed during the stay
– compulsory insurance for Covid-19 health coverage (12 USD per person)
– stay reserved exclusively in certified hotels (which have therefore prepared all health security measures)

Tourist Visas to India are still on hold and there is no likely reopening date yet. It is possible to do Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala with a medical visa, for long stays of at least three weeks, with visa application at the Embassy (the positive response is not guaranteed).

There are also special long-stay visas for Thailand which, however, requires a 14-night quarantine stay in Bangkok at its own expense before you can move freely. We will have to wait a bit for the “free” entries.

Bali still closed.

Europe is already welcoming us with some precautions and some rules to follow in order to be able to travel.