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Yoga & meditation

A holistic practice, a lifestyle, a pragmatic science, yoga is a world, and a philosophy in which physical, moral, mental and spiritual well-being become contours in a single representation. The search for balance bursts from the body, where strength and harmony combine to produce satisfaction, offer relaxation and infuse power. Yoga thus becomes an instrument for the prevention of physical illness and emotional ailments, a shield with which to protect the body and strengthen the spirit, whose true essence is inextricably linked to universal laws: the respect for life, truth and patience are the first gentle breaths of calm breathing, a quiet mind and a strong will, will chose the tesserae to design ones own mosaic. Inherent are the moral virtues of yoga, the act of living and the effort of rebirth. Living in the present, avoiding returning to the past or projecting into the future allows the full enjoyment of the present, understanding its value and drawing fulfilment from it. Re-living the “before” or hypothesizing the “after” is extraneous from the ‘”now” and prevents full emergence into life: “Today” should become the brick on which to build one’s own house, the principle from which everything starts. The appropriation of meditation is the key to change, as well as being a method to a profound understanding of oneself, a technique for relaxation to tune in to oneself and the world.

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