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enitfr +41 78 972 52 00 info@myidealtraveling.com

Stress management - Inner peace

Living with the pressures of daily life. Do not let anxieties, fears and compulsions set the pace. Do not permit stress to put unconscious chains on the body, limiting the spirit and choking the soul. Learning to manage inner tensions, avoiding their degeneration into pathologies and illness is a school of life, an obligation to rediscover the pleasure of tasting a joy that can donate unexpected encounters, moments of peace and instants of profound quiet. Changing one’s lifestyle becomes the priority so as to recover the self-made sense of space, time and personal locations. Yoga, meditation and nutrition, define a path of re-appropriation that soothes the mind offering balance to the spirit.
Slow down to listen to the inner voice. Recharge by cultivating silence. Discover the pleasure of emptiness leaving space only for the echo of the heart. Emotions become sharper, feelings run powerfully on the skin, “sense” becomes simple. Moving meditation, nature walks, swimming in streams of crystal clear water where the sounds of trees and animals become music. A self-imposed exile to reconnect with one’s most intimate, to tune in with the surrounding environment, to return to appreciating others. No ritual, no technique, no defined time. Only the opportunity to immerse oneself, alone, in nature.

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