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Meditation is a very important tool to support healing process during an ayurveda retreat and it is an essenatial tool to bring back mind’s balance. For this reason should become a daily routine for everybody.
Meditation techniques and purposes are not the same for everyody. Actually a kapha mind should be kept busy, while a vata mind should be quieted and kept still. A pitta mind should be calmed. So an appropriate meditation technique should be chosen based on a person’s prakruti and the state it is in at the moment of meditation. Rajas, the quality of passion, activity, is one of the three Guṇas (tendencies, qualities, attributes). The other two qualities are Sattva (goodness, balance) and Tamas (lethargy, violence, disorder).
Vata energy and rajas are similar because both have the qualities of irregularity and movement. So for minds in a state or Rajas or for vata, a mediation that aids in stillness will be advisable, like for example Pranayama. Pranayama should be practiced for longtime, increasing the lengh day by day.
Also Astanga yoga helps to focus the mind and is also very good for a vata mind or a mind in rajas. Any mediation practice that helps to calm the airy vata mind will be positive, sitting meditations are better.
Kapha minds have normally the opposite problem from vata minds. Kapha minds are slow and need to be given a little sprint. Meditation practices for kapha minds should keep the mind engaged. Guided visualization, contemplative questions, tai chi, or walking meditation would be a great meditative tool for kaphas, or minds that are in a state of tamas. All these practices focus the mind while tai chi, chi kung and walking meditation engage the body while keeping the mind focused.
Pranayama is excellent for calming the mind that’s why it’s perfect for Pitta minds that often are too agitated. Alternate nostril breathing are excellent to calm a heated or agitated pitta mind.
The perfect state of mind is the sattva state, which is for a balanced mind. A daily meditation, a diet suited to your prakruti, a healthy lifestyle, will keep the mind balanced.
Mantra and meditation are an excellent exercise to bring back the doshas into balance, that’s why all ayurveda centres offer yoga and meditation as part of the ayurveda treatment.
If you wish to know more about what happen during and ayurveda retreat in India, in Sri Lanka or in Europe and how is the daily schedule of an ayurveda cure, do not hesitate to contact us.

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