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Why choosing Thailand for a Health & Wellness Retreat? Because Thailand is renowned for its tradition of wellbeing care, with many amazing locations dedicated to wellness programs. The Land of Smiles known for its floating markets, its friendly people and stunning landscapes, is the perfect hideaway and has the best sourrondings to press the re-star button of your life, to indulge in relaxing well-being programs and focus on self-care. A place where to rejuvente body and mind and discover postcard beaches, lush nature and rich wildlife. Whether you’re looking for  pampering, an active holiday, spiritual healing, or all of these in one wellbeing and holistic retreat, Thailand is the perfect destination.

What can I do in Thailand? Thailand offer a large offer of wellbeing holidays, yoga retreats, wellness programs, ayurveda retreats, to learn a better lifestyle and improve the sense of wellbeing.

We have selected the best wellness retreats in Thailand where to indulge in the top treatments and be able to enjoy top-notch health facilities and a memorable experience

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My Ideal Traveling

“I have often found myself with a goodbye to make, a suitcase to prepare, a radical change to deal with and a new dimension to find. Managing changes in work, life and prospects have led me to my most authentic metamorphosis: to make a profession of the travel experience.

I  wanted to offer a choice of wellbeing paths, itineraries as evolutionary routes, to relax, disconnect the mind, but above all to learn to eat properly, to get moving, and to feel the value and importance of being at one with nature. Traveling is not only advancing, or embarking on a journey, it’s also a way to reach one’s center and direct oneself towards the other, diversity. This is where our true inner wealth is born“.
Monica Bevacqua, My Ideal Traveling founder

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