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Life (ayu) meets knowledge (veda) in this traditional Indian medicine, a way of life before being a curative system. For Ayurveda the three doshas (elements) – Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water) are merged within the body – the harmonization of these irradiates total wellbeing. Their unbalance leads to discomfort, malaise and tension. Only by bringing them back into balance through specific treatments like massage with rare herbal oils, natural medicines and external medications, can physical and psychological stability be found. The balance of the doshas gives birth to profound changes that also involve nutrition and lifestyle and are nourished on holistic practices (yoga) which lead to regeneration. Each path is personal, unique, dictated by Ayurvedic physicians who have the ability to calibrate the correct intensity of the cure for the best recovery.

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