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Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine born in India thousands of years ago which has gained a lot of popularity in recent decades in Europe and in Western countries in general. More and more wellness centers are offering Ayurvedic massages, but Ayurveda is much more than a relaxing massage or a wellness ritual. Ayurveda is indeed a holistic and preventive system of medicine in its own right. To have a real effect Ayurveda has to become a lifestyle. And if you decide to do Ayurvedic treatments, it must be under the supervision of a specialist in Ayurveda and an experienced therapist.

Ayurveda can then trigger the healing process of several diseases, give a real sense of psychophysical well-being and contribute to a deep inner change.

Ayurveda is an art of living well and an approach to facing one’s own existence while keeping it in perfect balance with the environment and the universe. According to this ancient discipline, life is not only “to be in the world” but “consciously” to achieve the 4 objectives – Dharma (duty -virtù to follow), Artha (understanding, well-being and prosperity), Kama (happiness ) and Moksha (freedom and enlightenment) – which lead to body-soul-spirit harmony.

Preserving health and well-being becomes essential to accomplish this path marked by vital energies (tridosha). Our harmony arises from the balancing of the doshas. Because for Ayurveda every man relates to the energy of the universe and his well-being is the result of the deep connection between body, mind and soul. Each ailment, problem or illness must be considered as a whole. Each ayurveda treatment and therapy therefore becomes unique because it is the result of a personalized assessment of the balance of the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We must see ourselves as a whole being who must learn to find a center and to listen to every part of himself.

This is why an Ayurveda retreat is not only a place of relaxation entrusted to massages or purification therapies, but an opportunity for a deep connection, an opportunity to take care of body and soul, a moment of listening to the deepest needs. Rest becomes an instrument of real physical and psychological reinvigoration; yoga and meditation accompany the soul towards pacification; targeted ayurveda treatments prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors a way to rejuvenate and regenerate.

My Ideal Traveling

“I have often found myself with a goodbye to make, a suitcase to prepare, a radical change to deal with and a new dimension to find. Managing changes in work, life and prospects have led me to my most authentic metamorphosis: to make a profession of the travel experience.

I  wanted to offer a choice of wellbeing paths, itineraries as evolutionary routes, to relax, disconnect the mind, but above all to learn to eat properly, to get moving, and to feel the value and importance of being at one with nature. Traveling is not only advancing, or embarking on a journey, it’s also a way to reach one’s center and direct oneself towards the other, diversity. This is where our true inner wealth is born“.
Monica Bevacqua, My Ideal Traveling founder

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