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Two years of travel restrictions, followed by a geopolitical situation of uncertainty, have led us to fear planning trips well in advance. The fear of last-minute cancellations and losing everything, I believe are the greatest concern of travelers.

However, in this long time, the world of travel has worked to respond to these uncertainties. Many Ayurvedic centres and yoga retreats we work with have a very flexible cancellation policy. The reopening of the borders has now become quite stable and the rules for travel are much simpler than a year ago. And to obviate the inconveniences of the last minute, investing a small additional sum in travel insurance certainly makes the organization much more serene.

India has reopened its doors since February and the Ayurvedic centres in Kerala are now fully operational. The best Ayurvedic treatments await you in the Land of the Gods and beyond!
It is therefore time to start planning your next Ayurveda retreat! Whether it is last minute for the summer of monsoons, which according to the Ayurvedic tradition is the best time to do Ayurvedic treatments, or for the winter season that offers us a mild and pleasant climate, it is time to start creating the space for a trip. It is very important at the moment, to prevent air fares, unfortunately on the rise, taking away most of the budget. Some people love to plan every little detail of the trip, others prefer to modify it by integrating it along the way, others prefer to be advised and fully guided in organizing their wellness holiday. Whichever type you belong to, it is important to have some aspects clear.

– where do I want to go? Do I prefer to opt for an Ayurveda holiday in India, an Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka or do I prefer an Ayurveda treatment in Europe?
An Ayurveda retreat in Kerala is an option that takes us to the very source of Ayurveda, which gives us the opportunity to have a wide choice of Ayurvedic centres for all tastes and possibilities. An Ayurveda centre in Europe allows us to have excellent quality care without having to fly long hours.
– what’s my budget? Fundamental information to be able to choose the most suitable Ayurvedic centre. There are many aspects that we evaluate in the selection of Ayurveda retreats and in proposing them. Our experience allows us to always suggest the best available option. Ayurveda holidays are a type of holiday that includes a full board stay, with meals designed individually for individual needs, with two hours of treatments per day, with an Ayurvedic doctor who follows the progress and is always available, with yoga masters ready to to better prepare our body for Ayurvedic treatments. It is therefore important that when evaluating the price, we have all these aspects in mind, to find a quality Ayurvedic resort.

– how long do I want or can I stay? I only have one week? Better then to focus on a nearby destination. Flying at least 14 hours for a week could destroy all the benefits of a cure. Let’s take our time to get quality Ayurveda treatment.

Whether it is to plan a Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment, a Rasayana Ayurvedic treatment, or a personalized Ayurvedic therapy, we will follow you step by step in your choice and organization.
Let yourself be guided, our advice is dictated by experience so that you can take the greatest benefit from your stay.

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