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Almost two years after my last trip to Ayurveda lands, I am finally planning my Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka. It will be an Ayurveda retreat for rejuvenating through Ayurvedic treatments and at the same time a moment of discovery of this wonderful country!

Sometimes I feel the fatigue of two years of uncertainty, of plans done and undone, of not knowing where we are going. A great moment of confidence in life, but with its fatigue. So I give myself a moment of healing and take care of myself. The important thing is the present moment: I am here, in good health, My Ideal Traveling is healthy and strong and ready to take you to wonderful destinations for ayurveda retreats of deep healing, for a yoga retreat or for a wellness holiday of pure relaxation.

Destination Sri Lanka then!

This small pearl lying on the Indian Ocean which, over the years, has taken on nicknames, one more poetic than the other: Serendib, the Tear of India, the Resplendent Island, the Dharma Island, the Pearl of the East, Ceylon … This variety of names testifies to its richness, its beauty and the immense attraction it arouses in those who discover it. For centuries its sounds, its colors and the smiles of its people have seduced travelers. Everyone returns with unforgettable images of a peaceful tropical island with a deep spirituality in their eyes.

I dream of a train trip to Nuwara Eliya, the Hill Station created by the British. The train remains the best way to cross the central part of Sri Lanka. Slower perhaps, but allowing to cross the splendid tea plantations enjoying total immersion in the lush nature of the island.

But also Sri Lanka with its Ayurvedic tradition and traditional medicine.

Widely extensive and rich in diversity, Sri Lankan traditional medicine is a combination of the country’s indigenous medicine (Deshiya chikitsa) and Ayurveda of India.

All this accompanied by huge beaches, ancient ruins, a welcoming people, thousands of elephants, irresistible waves, picturesque train rides: welcome to Sri Lanka, where you can get lost in small villages, stroll among rice fields or lush tea plantations and finish the regenerating day with Ayurveda treatments and yoga.

Are you ready to experience Sri Lanka from My Ideal Traveling? For an Ayurveda holiday or for an island tour?

Then follow us!

My Ideal Traveling

“I have often found myself with a goodbye to make, a suitcase to prepare, a radical change to deal with and a new dimension to find. Managing changes in work, life and prospects have led me to my most authentic metamorphosis: to make a profession of the travel experience.

I  wanted to offer a choice of wellbeing paths, itineraries as evolutionary routes, to relax, disconnect the mind, but above all to learn to eat properly, to get moving, and to feel the value and importance of being at one with nature. Traveling is not only advancing, or embarking on a journey, it’s also a way to reach one’s center and direct oneself towards the other, diversity. This is where our true inner wealth is born“.
Monica Bevacqua, My Ideal Traveling founder

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